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About Spam Filtering . . .

Cite Systems Managed E-mail Services are perfect for any size organization. We provide cutting edge mx filtering services that results in better security for your business, lighter load on your infrastructure and the freedom to email without spam.

Cite Systems Managed E-Mail Services/Spam Filtering
No software to install! No need to worry about updates or taxing your computer systems even further than what they are already. Let our email filtering service give you the piece of mind that viruses, hackers, spybots, trojan horses, etc... will no longer hold your email hostage.

There are no complex pricing structures: $2 per person per month
Have more than 50 employees? Contact us for discounted pricing.

-- Features --
Desktop Software Server Software Cite Systems
Stores all emails if your server or internet goes down x x +
Removes burden from computer x x +
Requires no end user intervention x x +
Increases internet bandwidth availability x x +
Increases processing power of computer x x +
No software or hardware installation x x +
No technology knowledge required for installation x x +
Works regardless of your operating system x x +
Consistently catches 98%+ of spam and 100% of viruses x x +
Lowest cost of ownership x x +
SCORE 0/10 0/10 10/10