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We can provide all of your technology service needs. We specialize in everything from desktop support, custom software development, website design, disaster recovery, online backup and we can help you manage your technology projects.

Hosted Software Services...

Cite Systems is a leader in real estate software. We have developed 3 different enterprise-grade products for the real estate market.

The ProGFE Calculator provides instant Good Faith Estimate pricing of settlement fees, title insurance, endorsement costs, recording fees and applicable state taxes/stamps.

The ProDesk software is a management tool for Settlement services providers that utilize SoftPro's "ProForm" product. The ProDesk integrates into your existing SoftPro system giving you the ability to: Schedule closings and view them in calendar format, manage clients and pricing, manage your vendors, automate the paying of invoices and much much more.

TitleOrderPro is a desktop software that allows mortgage professionals to instantly send a title order to their settlement services provider without having to retype the order information. The information is obtained directly from their mortgage software. No more typing errors, no more faxing, no more lost emails... simple and secure everytime.

Software Services...

We can architect a custom software solution to assist you in your business needs. We specialize in creating software that helps you to automate your business processes and cut through the bottlenecks of your workflow. Does your current business software not meeting all of your needs? Let us evaluate your situation and we may be able to create a "companion" product to your existing systems. That way there is no need for a change in business software and no need for a costly new program. us

Website Design Services...

Need to establish a "web presence" for your business? Do you need to re-design your outdated website? Cite Systems can create a new look for your company. We also specialize in web-based applications that can help you sell your products on the internet, keep in contact with your clients, provide secure access to clients and/or employees to internal information... meet with one of our architects and let us turn your business needs into a reality. us

About Our Services...

From simple desktop support for software, viruses and other nagging issues to complex configurations and server diagnostics, Cite Systems can assist you in all of your office technology needs.

We are available hourly or we can quote you a custom service package built around your needs. We differ from our competitors because we offer 3-month service contracts instead of the 12-month contracts that you typically see. Through our experience we have noticed that the needs of our clients often change. We do not want to lock you into a long-term contract, we want to build a long-term relationship. us

Disaster Prevention/Recovery Services...

It's true: 40% of companies that experience a major data loss/catastrophy will never reopen. Don't let this happen to your company. Our specialists can create a data backup plan custom to your company's needs. All backup services are not created equally, let Cite Systems assist you in securing your business from disaster.

If you have experienced a computing disaster or accidentally deleted important information and need assistance in recovering this information, let Cite Systems assist you. We can perform an initial analysis of the situation and in most cases recover the lost data. In those few cases where the actual storage device has failed there is still a possiblity of recovering the information. Contact us immediately in these situations.


Benefits of Online Backup Did you know: 40% of companies affected by a computing disaster will never reopen...


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