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Developing innovative and cost-saving software is what Cite Systems does best. Our suite of products can not only streamline your business processes but they will save you time and money. Let us explain just how quickly you will see your Return On Investment.

Software Solutions for Calyx Point®

CS File Reader - developers you now have a simple way of access information in a Calyx Point® ".BRW" file.  CS File Reader...

CS File Writer - read Calyx Point® ".BRW" files, update any Calyx® Field and save the changes.  CS File Writer...

CS Find & Replace - use a simple search tool to locate and change fields in Calyx® files. Make global updates to your files in minutes.  CS Find & Replace...

CS Exporter for SQL and MySQL - export your Calyx Point® data folders into a SQL or MySQL Database automatically with no programming!  CS Exporter...

There is no affilition between Calyx Software and Cite Systems, Inc. Calyx® and Point® are registered trademarks of Calyx Software

-- Product Guide --

The Question Product Recommendation
I need to programmatically read Calyx Point® Files CS File Reader
I need to updated Calyx Point® files through custom software CX File Writer
I need a simple way to update many Calyx® files with the same value CS Find & Replace Utility
I want to create an intranet for my mortgage company CS Exporter for SQL and MySQL
I need to export all of my Calyx Point® information NON - DEVELOPERS: CS Exporter
Software Developers: CS File Reader or CS File Writer
I want to run custom reports on Calyx Point® information CS Exporter for SQL and MySQL

Software Solutions for SoftPro®

Online Order Form - add our order form to your website and immediately start receiving title orders from your clients online.  SoftPro® solutions...

The ProDesk - one of our Flagship Products. Integrates directly with SoftPro® and provides immeasurable benefits!  The ProDesk...

Custom Software Development - our developers have been working with SoftPro® real estate software for over 7 years. Contact us for more information about getting the most out of your SoftPro® real estate software.  Contact Us...

Real Estate Software
Real Estate Software Solutions

Cite Systems is a premier real estate software solution provider. We have been developing different real estate based software for over 7 years and we have the real estate knowledge to provide you with a solution that can fit your company.

Cite Systems has developed several Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. These solutions provide innovative ways of solving traditional problems for the real estate closing industry.

-- Features --

Software Suites

ProGFE Calculator
  • Desktop fee quoting solution for real estate title and escrow companies
  • Provides a desktop icon for mortgage brokers to automatically calculate your closing fees, title insurance, recording fees and tax stamps
  • Instant pricing for your mortgage broker clients
  • Manage pricing online, make a change and it takes immediate effect
  • No more manual calculations of title insurance
  • Setup pricing for an entire state and/or per individual client

Title Order Pro
  • Desktop ordering solution for real estate title and escrow companies
  • Provides a desktop icon for mortgage brokers to automatically send orders via email
  • Instantly sends an email to title/escrow company with all order information
  • Track historical order information online
  • Integrates with Calyx Point® and all major mortgage software
  • Order email can contain a specified file attachment for integration into your title/escrow software (SoftPro® overlay file, XML file, etc...)

The ProDesk
  • Our Flagship Product!
  • Integrates with SoftPro's ProForm® real estate software
  • Manage pricing so your staff never has to guess
  • See what a client's orders to closing ratio really is
  • See a daily order report via the web from ANYWHERE!
  • View closing schedule in a simple calendar format
  • Track returning closing packages from notary/attorney
  • And much much more!