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Cite Systems Tools for Calyx Point®. . .

Cite Systems has partnered with many mortgage companies to develop these Calyx Point® "companion" products. These products allow for companies, and developers, to do more with their Calyx Point® information. There is no affiliation between Cite Systems and Calyx Point®.

Our Software Tools for Calyx Point® section has moved to a dedicated website.

The dedicated website is to provide further information about our software solutions for the Calyx Point® software and provide better documentation to our customers. You can find information about all of our Calyx Point® solutions at

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CS File Reader (formerly File Parser for Calyx Point®) - Provides the ability to read information from any Calyx Point® Borrower (.brw) or Prospect (.prs) file.

CS File Writer - Provides the ability to update any Calyx Point® Borrower (.brw) or Prospect (.prs) file as well as the abilities of the File Reader.

CS Find & Replace utility - Software interface that allows you to search through your Calyx Point® files and make global updates to any Calyx Point® field.

CS Exporter for SQL and MySQL - Software interface that will automatically export any Calyx Point® file(s) to a SQL or MySQL Database Table.

There is no affilition between Calyx Software and Cite Systems, Inc. Calyx® and Point® are registered trademarks of Calyx Software